Somewhere in the Middle

by Wes Weddell

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8 Short Songs from Wes Weddell


released January 1, 2019

WW: vocals; guitars; mandolin; bass; percussion
Geoff Larson: upright bass
Rick Weber: drums & percussion
Alicia Healey, Joy Mills, Tom Parker: harmony vocals

Tracks 1 & 2 recorded by Mike Votava at MJV Studios, Seattle. Produced by Wes Weddell & Mike Votava.
Tracks 3 & 5 recorded by Alicia Healey at The Winterblue Room, Seattle. Produced by Wes Weddell & Alicia Healey
Track 4 recorded by Doug Haire at Jack Straw Productions, Seattle. Produced by Geoff Larson & Wes Weddell.
Track 6 recorded at Jack Straw Productions (Daniel Guenther) & The Winterblue Room (Alicia Healey). Produced by Wes Weddell & Alicia Healey.
Track 7 recorded by Moe Provencher at The Duplex, Seattle. Produced by Wes Weddell & Moe Provencher.
Track 8 recorded by Kevin Bressler at Whiny Cat Audio, Seattle. Produced by Wes Weddell.

All songs written by Wes Weddell
©/℗ Dusty Shadows Music (ASCAP)

Additional recording & mixing by Alicia Healey at The Winterblue Room
Mastered by Ed Brooks at Resonant Mastering, Seattle

Artwork concept by Wes Weddell; design & layout by Travis Young at
Photos by: Pinehurst Photography; Wes Weddell; & Zhifei Zhou

Thanks to all of the engineers & players, Mom/Dad/Sis, Alicia Healey, Dave Bush, Brian Hoskins, Jay & Jane Spencer, Nancy K. Dillon, Joe Jencks, Heather & Peter Garbes, Nick Droz, Joel Tepp, Cyndy Hayward & Willapa Bay AiR, The Bushwick Book Club Seattle, Seattle7Writers, Seattle Arts & Lectures, & everyone still willing to listen & engage.
For Jim & Zoe Cooley

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all rights reserved



Wes Weddell Seattle, Washington

For the past twenty years, Wes Weddell has worked multiple shifts in the engine room of Seattle’s roots music scene as frontman, sideman, writer, teacher, and community-builder. "Always heartfelt and well-constructed" ("Seattle Weekly"), listeners have come to expect Weddell's songs to "speak for themselves" ("No Depression"). ... more

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Track Name: Somewhere in the Middle
North of Juliaetta, where the road starts winding
Crest a little summit where there’s one lone pine tree
Look for the mailbox by the rusty wheel

Up at the top, there’re miles of wheat fields
Down at the bottom lies Little Bear Creek
Somewhere in the middle is a home-cooked meal

Well, the first Thanksgiving that I remember
Had an old wood stove and lousy weather
That stove is still burning, the pies are still good

But I got older and the work got harder
Digging fencepost holes with my chicken arms
Tying that log chain, splitting that wood
Driving that tractor when they said I could

They say when summer finally comes it takes 24 hours
For ankle-deep mud to reach a fine dust powder
Take it all in, breathe it all out

Storms in the winter might snow you in,
But you grab another log and fill the kettle to the brim
Drink it in deeply, let it settle down

North of Juliaetta, where the clouds run sideways
Chase ’em all day on a two-lane highway
Wait for the sunset, it’s her show to steal

Up at the top, you can still see worry
Down at the bottom gets a little bit blurry
Somewhere in the middle is a home-cooked meal
Somewhere in the middle...
Track Name: We Had Reasons
Faceless roads in fading light
No claws, no fangs, no sound, no fear
Dream all night of new excuses
Keep ’em all as souvenirs

I remember, we had reasons
Shame it isn’t any use
Towns like this will cheapen people
Most of what you hear is true

Heart was decent, spirit dampened
Morals someplace in between
All your heroes end up battered
Only way that you’ll get clean

Squalls and squawks and growls and mutters
Candles from a kitchen drawer
Wipe your feet and drop a button
Pick your battles, skip the war

Dark outside, but we knew better
Low stone wall, the blind was open
Rang the bell and slipped the safety
Put that anger into motion
Track Name: Go
I’m the need you did not pack,
You’re gonna miss me down the track,
But you hit the trail and won’t look back
I’m the need you did not pack

I’m the path you did not take,
My boom or bust you did forsake
You won’t know and it’s too late
I’m the path you did not take

High on a mountain, valley below
You put one foot in front of the other
And you go, you just go

I’m the beast you did not meet,
Feel my eyes and fear my teeth
Who can say just what I’ve seen?
I’m the beast you did not meet

I’m the dad you never had,
Open arms, your biggest fan
I can’t say what’s good or bad
I’m the dad you never had
Track Name: Miles to Row
Evening winds begin to hit the lowlands
Keep your focus sharp and hunker down
Darkness dropping closer every moment
Not a lot of time to mess around

Dig in hard, dig in deep
We have miles to row before we sleep
Take a turn, take an oar
But know we can’t go back there anymore

Morning news spreads quickly through the country
Could have seen this coming if I’d wanted to
Darkness holding steady on the side streets
Not a lot of time to think it through

What do you do when you can’t do it on your own?
You have to choose to keep on rowing
And hope that she will keep on rowing
And then the next seat keeps on rowing
And if we all just keep on rowing…

Dig in hard, dig in fast
We have miles to row while the moments pass
Take a turn, take an oar
But know we can’t go back there anymore
No, we can’t go back there anymore…
Track Name: February Face
Let me sing you all a story
’Bout a man that I know well
He took a chance out in the open
Brought his heart to show-and-tell

She was not like any other,
But then who among us is?
She was not a Sunday picnic,
And maybe not the one for him

She’s got a hot August temper,
Cold November eyes
January blood running through her veins
She comes in like a lion, goes out like one too
I know I should stay away,
But I can’t resist that February face

Have you ever had the feeling
That your mind is not your own?
Lead me not into temptation
Gentle Patience, where have you gone?

Have you ever talked to someone
Who could see right through your soul?
Out of reach, but still before you
Sun will rise, tide will roll
Track Name: We March
Teacher told me I could be anything I choose
And I tried so hard to keep my options open
Many before me suffered with that same good news,
But I was wrong when I assumed that it was everyone

Now my head knows I ain’t nothing special,
But my heart still wants to believe

And we march with our heads held high
We march when we feel we’re right
We march toward a day we hope is better
As we march toward nothing but ourselves

Now you show me all the pieces that I missed
But no one needs to hear me make up time out loud
So our story sails on farther from that cliff
And I wonder if we end up where we started

We reach for reason and order
Just to push it all away

We float in the dark like a buoy
But we sink in the light like a lie
Track Name: These Truths
When in the course of human events
You find yourself at a crossroads
Two roads diverge in a yellow wood,
And sometimes you get lost in the process

We hold these truths to be self-evident,
We hold them deep in our chests
But is what makes us great all the things that we’ve done,
Or the thing that we might do next?

We the People of a more-perfect union,
We who continue to grow
We who will reach for that better tomorrow
Be we tired or huddled or poor

When in the course of human events
You seem to lose track of the footsteps
Two roads diverge in a wood, and I
Still hope to make all of the difference
Track Name: What Makes the Old Songs Old?
What makes the old songs old?
Why do they settle in our bones?
Is there something in the source,
Something in the sound?
Just how far back do you think they go?

What makes the long road long?
Why do we push on through the fog?
Is it something in our nature,
Something in our will?
Is it more about the going or the gone?

What makes the good times good?
Some memories shine brighter than the others ever could
Is it something ’bout the people
Something ’bout the work?
Is it knowing that we made it through the woods?

What makes a true love true?
How do you know when it’s found you?
Is it something in the feeling,
Something in the stars?
Is it something that just anyone can do?

What makes the old songs old?
Some melodies never grow cold
Can we reach back through the years,
Reach across the miles?
Do we sing because we have no other choice?

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