My Northwest Home

by Wes Weddell



What began for me as an academic oddity fast became an adventure of epic proportions for a meager history student such as myself. While I anticipated none of the publicity and folk-fanfare that accompanied my travels—nor my being named the inaugural Mary Gates Venture Scholar at the University of Washington—I did presume that communities around the state would open their arms and share their stories. Yet I was rewarded with hospitality and honesty that far exceeded my expectations and that touched me beyond words. These may be ‘my’ songs on paper, but they owe everything to the generosity and accessibility of the residents of Washington State.

For the purposes of ‘The Project,’ I divided Washington State into nine semi-logical geographic regions. My goal was to produce one song from some story or item of local historical interest in each region, and thus generate a collage of folk-musical snapshots that, when viewed as a whole, showcased the profound diversity of the fascinating residents in this corner of the twenty-first-century American West. Here’s what emerged:


released December 8, 2001

Wes Weddell: Guitars; Vocals; Mandolin; Harmonica; Bass; Percussion
Alicia Healey: Additional Vocals and Percussion
Ruthie Dornfeld: Fiddle on “Moving On Without Us”

All words and music written by Wes Weddell
© 2001 All rights reserved

Produced by Alicia Healey
Recorded at JB Productions, Bellevue, Wash.
Engineered by Alicia Healey
Mixed & Mastered by Alicia Healey

Cover Photograph: Wes Weddell

*Download contains "We've Got Stories," not included on original, physical CD



all rights reserved


Wes Weddell Seattle, Washington

Wes Weddell hit the scene in 2001 with a grant to gather regional stories and turn them into songs. More records followed, along with the occasional award, increased sideman appearances, and the founding of a Seattle-area non-profit dedicated to creating community live-music spaces. No signs of slowing reveal themselves... ... more

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Track Name: We've Got Stories
I went wandering through some country just last weekend
Looking for a song to bide my time,
And I asked a lot of folk what kept them busy,
And they looked at me with mischief in their eyes, and they said:

“Come back sometime when you’ve got a moment,
And we’ll tell you all there is to know and tell
We’ve got stories out the door and down the hallway—
It takes some time to know this country well!”

I pressed further in this quest for earthly knowledge,
Prayed for them to bless me with details
I heard something about pants around some ankles
But the rest they kept behind that wayward veil, but they said:


Woody hung around just down the highway,
Wrote about the river and the dams,
But he missed the suicide race down the canyon,
Though he probably met some folk who took the stand, who might say:


As I sit here tonight, the jukebox playing
That song about the wild side of life
My thoughts are drifting toward the rowdy Okanogan
Where the gossip won’t come out without a fight, but I will

Come back sometime when I’ve got a moment,
And take in all there is to know and tell
Even wild ones can’t resist a lofty story
That can build the country character so well